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Bring your "A" game this week!

Wartooth, Nov 4, 11 7:44 PM.
We're going to be making a few attempts on Heroic content this week, so let's hit it hard and push as far as we can into HM content. Also, i will be recording each of the fights in Fraps, then later I'll post them in the forum for everyone to look over and critique. This way we can take a closer look at how our boss fights are playing out, and from there we can see what aspects we need to improve on and what we can do differently to make the encounters go a little smoother and quicker. 

Please make sure that you guys are watching videos for the heroic modes of at least the first 3-4 bosses and get a general idea of what to expect. It also wouldnt be a bad idea to go over the Ragnaros fight a time or two, I know we've downed him twice now, but there's a lot we still need to work on. 

See you all on Sunday night!

Guild First! Firelands Achievement Unlocked 10/31/11

Supakoji, Nov 2, 11 8:33 PM.
Congratulations to everyone on our guild first complete Firelands run! While this wasn't our first Ragnaros kill with a majority guild member raid, this is our first time with 8/10 members therefore making us eligible for the achievement! Let's keep up the momentum and get everyone geared up so we can start on heroic mode soon! 
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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the guild website of Frostmane's own "Cordial Gentlemen"! Founded on the principles of brotherhood, friendship, cordiality, and a combination of whiskey, gin, tobacco and beer, the guild continues to grow as more people come to join the brotherhood!

Offering a fun, helpful and respectful environment for players to come together for the mutual benefit of everyone, we continue to grow as a community of like-minded fun-seeking partners in crime. Whether you're looking for a casual progression-oriented PvE raiding environment, a nail-biting tense arena/RBG/BG PvP team, good companions and friends to be made leveling your alts or for new player's your mains, we've got it here! Interested peaked? Look around the website for more information and contact the guild!
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